Out of nowhere there was this sacred sisters connection. It started with our sons being best buddies, then a reading by Simone, a talk about Soul Searching, a quest for Spirituality and two hearts longing to let their dreams lead the way & light the world. And so we did, and we are so blessed and mindblown that we were allowed to get on this journey and share it all with you fellow Rebels.

With love & bundles of light,
Simone & Jacqueline
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Let’s go on a journey, an adventure better yet!

We are Spiritual Rebels,
exploring our magic…
Travelling the pathways of our rebellious hearts,
passionate souls and sacred beliefs.

We are so happy and grateful that you landed on our website. We think you might also be on a journey.
An adventure to find out what life has to offer you. You may have questions about your destiny.
Or wonder about your soul purpose. And know for sure there is more than were you are today.

Dear Rebel, you only need a sprinkle of possibility, for your consciousness to rise, your connection to intensify and your light to shine bright. All over the world brothers and sisters are starting to unlock the ancient wisdom that we all carry with us. Rebellious souls that strive to make themselves better, stronger. Leaving the old behind and creating something brand new. Making this world a place filled with love and magic.

We dare you to invoke an army of love.
May all Rebels Rise!
Together as one!

Welcome back the spirituality that was always a part of us since the moment we started breathing here on planet earth. Walk with us on a path to something new. Be the Rebel you were always meant to be!

BE A SPIRITUAL REBEL & Dare to work your magic!

Photo: de Vrouw met Camera



This rebelicious lady is Simone. Her Sun started shining in ‘86. She can’t even remember not being connected to her guides. Sweet little Simone was in touch with the spiritual Realms from the beginning of her time ❤️‍🔥.  

Amazingly thankful for that ever-present connection, for life path number 33 brought some challenges to overcome. But hey, she’s got a damn good purpose and a job to do. NOW she is ready to shine bright.  

This girl has many interests and loves to spend time in the Akashic Library. Not only for her own development and growth but also for readings. She is here to bring you all a piece of the universal sparkle that sparkles very bright within her.

You wonder how she will do just that?
She is gonna dare you.
Challenge you.
Stretch a bit!

She is going to provoke you to look differently at the world.
She is going to spur you to break habits.
And finally she is going to stimmy you to reclaim your inner strength. And to live up to your full potential.

She is ready to awaken the rebel that is inside of everyone. That being said: she is rebellious to the bone, always follows her own intuition and loves to walk (barefeet) on unpaved roads.

One badass goddess with a damn good purpose.

When you become a diamond, you’ll see why life had to pressure you.


Even though she is a Dutchie, terrible at riding her bike


Writes backwards in her journals


Loves to walk barefeet


Everyone has a task to do here and it is about damn time to get started


The other half of Spiritual Rebels is Jacqueline. A Creative Dutchie, with oriental roots, always flirting with spirituality. Life sometimes takes over (you might recognize this) and your spiritual dreams, little by little, float to the background. But the love is there and the love is real. So here she is, living her dream; combining her creative design & story telling skills, her love of words and her special interest for what is beyond every day life.

She always had a magical connection with energy work. Healing Touch, Bars Classes, Sound Healing Concerts… and her mum used to spoil her with Reiki treatments when she needed them. As a kid she used to flow best on binaural beats (she used to study like that on High School) and actually she still does.

Photo: Studio SilverLinings


Currently she is diving deep into everything is frequency. And therefor on a quest to absorb every bit of experience, knowledge and magic of working with frequencies and vibrations. Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, the voice and many more instruments that help you to float and connect with your self and (your) higher vibes. She loves to call in some guidance of her beloved carddecks, decorates her house with Buddhas and Crystals, tries to explore the effects the moon has on her and her curiosity for the Ankh is growing stronger. She just 🤍 L O V E S 🤍 the serenity of all her beauties. This chick is on a mission to explore whatever awaits to be explored and open our rebellious hearts and spirit muscles.  Oh and btw she hardly ever looks like the picture but hey girls just wanna have fun right. 



When not creat-ing, or mom-ing.. love to ride the trails


I don't have problems, I have (Crystal, Buddha Tuning Fork & so many more) collections 🤗


Have 101 pairs of shoes but barefeet is fav


I L O V E chocolate, wake me for it please ❤️