Dive into our Galactic Roots

Hey powerful Rebels, truth seekers and examining souls to our galactic origins. 

There was a deep inner fire longing to burst out and share the wisdom that I have gathered on my trail. And I know it is time to share this but to be honest, I didn’t have a clue where to start. And yes, this is also a bit scary. What is so normal for me is unknown and still untouchable for most of you. There is so much I can tell you but where to start. So I consulted my fav oracle cards. They are from Kyle Gray, Gateway of light activation oracle. And as always the cards were on fire with the energy that was surrounding me. They just flew out of the deck. The first card was my cheerleading card: The Temple of Truth. To proceed, go through and speak my truth. Thank you guides, message received. The second one reminded me of my mission: Hathor Light Codes. Hathor is an Egyptian goddess. She is the divine consort of the hawk-headed deity Horus, allowing her to bridge this world and the cosmic realms, and bring in the infinite light of the sun. And that my rebels is what I’m going to do for you. Making a bridge between this world and the cosmic realms. Not only with my readings, but also by writing these blogs. Provide you with more information about what is out there that is not yet to be seen. The third card mesmerized me. The Pleiadian Activation. That was a clear message that I was invited to tune into their frequency and share whatever they want to share with you for this blog.

So if you are ready…

Let’s dive into the Pleiadian star race

My first contact with the Pleiadian star race started in 2020. Their energy is very soft and loving. Are very much like us but they all look beyond beautiful. When they walk in a crowded street everyone would look at the Pleiadian walking there. The Pleiadians come from a star cluster that we call “the seven sisters” and is located in the constellation Taurus. You can see it with the naked eye in the night sky.

The name, “seven sisters”, comes from Greek mythology. The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno and Alcyone (the sisters) and their parents Atlas and Pleione. 

Not only Greek mythology speaks of them, since antiquity a lot of cultures all around the world mention the seven sisters, including the Celts, Maori, Aboriginal, Persians, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Maya, Aztec, Sioux and Cherokee.

Several of the star systems in the pleiades have human life forms on it. The most advanced of them are Alcyone and Taygeta.

To both of these places I’ve been during my Astral contact with them. In Alcyone there was a big modern clean city. It is the seat of the government and the place where most Pleiadians like to live. There is lot’s of music, entertainment, culture, work etc. And I mention work here, but that one is not like what work is for us. Work is where you use your talents to benefit the community. Not for the exchange of money but energetically you contribute to your tribe so you can flourish and grow together. They are aware that everything is connected to each other and all the work is equally important.  

On Taygeta there was a lot of nature. A gently sloping landscape with lots of green and flowers. On this planet I’ve met the High Wise. This is a group of really high vibing wise souls. Wearing clothes of the purest white. On Taygeta they gather more wisdom and it is a place where they share it too. People from all over the Pleiades come over to learn from them. They help them so they can return to their planet to put the wisdom into practice. The High WIse are also consulted by the Pleiadian Council of Light and StarFleet Command.

Channeled message from a Pleiadian Sister

For this blog I also channeled some automatic writing from a Pleiadian Sister. This is what came through.

We are a benevolent species that live in the Pleiadian constellation. What you often call the seven sisters. 

There are many inhabited planets over there. All with human-like races. In the beginning of the earth we contributed a lot in creating and flourishing humans. We look similar. We talk similarly. You can see it if we are like your big Brothers and Sisters. 

The same as you, we live in cities. Our cities are in harmony with the energetic field that is on our planet. We live together as a family and have children just like you have. 

We age, but we age slowly. We can easily become 300 years old. 

As it comes to our technology we are more advanced than you are on Earth. By time you will also come to that point. don’t worry, you will. Over the years we’ve always cared for you. Provided answers to the right people so you always were able to make the next step in your development. As Brothers and Sisters we would like to advise you to focus on the light. Don’t let fear overrule you. Be kind to your neighbors, friends, and family . Spread the love. The time to move forward fast is on your doorsteps. Focus on your heart. 

In love and light,

I hope you loved reading a bit more about the Pleiades. 

Love & Stardust, 






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