Fly with me to Pegasus

Hello divine spark of the universe.

This blog is about the constellation Pegasus. I am so so so excited to share more about these star brothers and sisters because it is where I originate from. 

The pegasus constellation is home of the Pegassi Starseeds and also a seat for the Keepers of the Light.

Pegasus is a constellation where you can find a couple of inhabited planets. The name they gave me for the planet where most of them live is Midra. This is also the planet where  you can find the Temple of Light. 

Greek Mythology has a big connection with them. In many of their myths you can find stories about the inhabitants of this part of the universe. For example, the Pegasus and Centaur are living wild and free on these planets.

Can you imagine a sky filled with flying horses or a group of centaur running over the great plains this planet is rich of. 

As I mentioned earlier, Greek mythology and the country have a great connection with the constellation of Pegasus. In ancient times this country was the place where they tried for the second time to help humanity evolve. To teach them the way to the light/enlightenment. The first time they directly communicated with earth was in the times of Lemuria. A lot of starseeds that originate from Pegasus feel a great connection with Lemuria as well.

The scenery on this planet is beautiful. You can find high mountains, forests, waterfalls and rolling grass landscapes where the centaurs love to pick up their speed. The land is surrounded on every side by the water. 

In all the times I’ve been there I have never seen another island, but that will not mean that there is none.
– something about not remembering everything while you are on earth – 

The people are very gracious, wise and playful. They love to make a game out of a lot of things. Adding that extra element of fun. It makes it a pleasure to be around them and never boring. They have an advanced civilization but are not the most advanced out there in the universe. 

The people of Pegasus know the importance of balancing the Body, Mind and Soul. Key elements for them to do this are the frequency of Joy and movement. They know that when the soul chooses a body to live in the high frequency it carries is lowered because of the density. The energy of you soul, that is within the body is still connected to it’s high source / higher self. During your life it is your journey to try to come closer to your core energy. You can do this by being concious about the body and the mind. To use them as instruments to raise your vibe.

While living in a lower density the energies around you are also lower. And they attract more of the same if you choose to stay there. Not what you want when you try to get closer to the contrary. Two key elements for the pegassi JOY and MOVEMENT.

When you move your body, if this is by walking/dancing/sport, you activate a process in the vibration. It litterally shakes the lowest energies out of your energetic field. It is not without reason that people go walking or sporting to clear their heads. When the lowest energies are shaken off there is room for your mind to consciously create what you desire. To attract and claim this you need to tune in to the energy of Joy. That’s why they love to add a little game element to things. to make things fun and cheerful.

I L O V E D remembering this and to consciously engage in and share this fills my heart with joy and love.

When you are on their planet you can see in a distance on top of a mountain a temple. That is the place where the keepers of the light live. The temple is built in Greek style.
Actually it is more correct to say that the Greek temples are built in the Pegassi style 😉

But you know what I mean.

The keepers of the light are a group you’ll find all around in the universe.
When light is separated you get all the colors of the rainbow. Every group is protecting a different color of the light. On pegasus they protect a white/golden light.
– I am not sure what that means yet but when I’ve figured it out I will update this blog for you. –

The keepers can easily transform between a humanoid body and their etheric form. When they are in their etheric form it is almost blinding so light and pure is their energy.

The white and golden color comes back in a lot of things on this planet. Such as big white doors with golden details. Their transport is white with golden edges. And even their Akashic book has a white cover full of golden details. 

An amazing place to be. But I guess that’s it for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading more about the starseeds from Pegasus. There are not many of us incarnated on this planet at this time. There are much more Pleiadian and Sirius starseeds but there are def. some pegasus starseeds out there. When you feel connected to this story you might be one.

On our socials there is a post called “GIVE IT A TRY” where I have worked out a fun way to figure out on which planets you’ve lived on. Check it out and give it a try. Believe me it’s fun. You will love it. 

Feel free to share or leave a comment. 

Love & Stardust, 



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