Help I can’t meditate

Probably everyone meditating had that first encounter with panicking ‘I can’t do this thoughts’; How on earth am I going to shut my brain off… how can I think about nothing? 

Relax, don’t worry! Breathe in & breathe out. That’s about it. To meditate and to enjoy the benefits of meditation you don’t have to shut of anything. Try thinking of meditation like awareness… It is not stopping every thought at the gate of your mind. It is the awareness of thoughts going through your mind. Knowing they are there, allowing it to happen and then let them move on again. No fuss, then it will all slow down. 

A great tool to help you with meditation is sound. I, Jacqueline for example, love to meditate with music. Mostly Binaural Beats and other amazing healing melodies and frequencies.  ‘When I put on music, or use a singing bowl or tuning forks, my thoughts can come and go and my minds wanders along with the music. In the beginning and to be honest, still sometimes, my mind constantly produced all these little monkey brain thoughts.’ Know that every time you make room to meditate, you are training that awareness. 

And you know that you are on the site of spiritual REBELS right?! So what about a little rebellious perspective? Music is a big keyword in our lives. And Jacqueline just shared how music and frequencies help her get in this calm relaxed state without an overstimulated brain. Music helps you to stay aware of what you are doing: Meditating. Not listening to the little monkey thoughts in your head, but bringing peace to your mind, your energy, your system.

Some benefit hugely from the music produced especially with this purpose. But what about ‘normal’ music and not the meditation music everyone uses. Let’s try to find the tools very close to home…  especially when you are beginning it is so helpful to feel comfortable with what you are doing. So go ahead and choose music from your favorite artists that bring you these chilly-billy vibes. Put together a playlist to start whenever you want to give your mediation a try. Now you can meditate wherever and whenever you want. Even on the bus on your way home from work, in the bathtub or walking your dog. Simone loves to meditate on “The Wanderer” or “Aurora”. 


And what about these moments with guided meditations where you cannot fully flow with the story? You see nothing, feel nothing, experience nothing. Ofcourse we experience these moments too! As rebels, we explore and experiment with tools to help us. What Simone loves to do on those days where she has trouble tuning in, is to stimulate her right brain before starting to meditate. We are mostly using the left part of the brain. But when you want to visualize in meditation it is the right part that we need. We can’t expect it to awaken in a fingersnap… so let’s be gentle and treat it with some good stuff. Simone: ‘Oh boy you should see me in the morning. I really need my time to wake up. So I love to sit down for like half an hour and get creative. Dancing, singing, drawing etc. Sometimes all at once…😛Only after that I start my meditation practice.’ There are many ways to express creativity, just pick your favorite before starting your meditation. Give it a try and see if it helps you. 

We hope we’ve inspired you. And would love to read your do’s and don’ts. So please share your tips and tricks with us. 


Jacqueline & Simone 🤍













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    • Simone Henkens

      Thank you so much for your comment!
      It touches our hearts, fills them with LOVE

      When you are feeling called, please spread the word, that will definitely help us to spread our stardust and love faster.

      With much love, stardust and light

      Jacqueline & Simone


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