How to get grounded

Grounding, or in other words strengthening your connection to the earth, is reminding us of our humanity. Our human limitations. And at the same time making us aware we are part of a bigger picture. Acknowledging the access to the support of the cosmos. Being grounded is our baseline state. But with all that is going on in the world being grounded is also often a struggle.

Grounding centers you in your body, which is where your heart is! And your heart is your greatest guide through life. Being grounded lets you focus on the present moment. The here and now. The moment where all your power is. You can’t take your strength from the past and you can’t take it from the future. Your power lies here! at this exact moment. If you want to make a change, big or small, it will be important to be grounded.

How to ground yourself

That brings us to the important question; How do I ground? There are many ways to ground ourselves. Meditation probably pops to mind immediately. And the next thing might be:’Yeah Right, no time for that’ We hear you! #believeus #wehavebusybossbabemumlivestoo

But we have news for you: there are really easy and fun and ways to bring your focus to the present moment. 

Breath Deep

One of the easiest things that you can do at every moment and at every place is deep breathing. When you focus on your breathing you connect with the now. You feel your body move on your breathing, you feel the sensation it brings and it takes you back to your center.  

Talk Nice to yourself – use positive affirmations

Another way to ground yourself is to start positive affirmations. Especially when your mind is worrying about all the what-ifs in your life. That is a signal dear rebels that you are consumed by fears of the future. Positive affirmations will bring you back to the present with a healthier mindset. Simply because they are stated in the present. And filled with positive and loving energy for yourself. A simple way to start a positive affirmation writing in the present is to start your affirmation with I AM. 

I am loved

I am true to me

I am rebeliciously happy

I am the power that creates the magic of my life 

I am a badass rebel with a damn good purpose

Move your body to the beat

Another awesome way to ground. Is rapapapa…. Music. Yeah, what about Music. Music makes you move. Seduces you to loosen up and allow for your body to lose control. That sounds odd when we talk about grounding. But the actual truth is that Music makes you regain control, helps you land back into your body and therefore gets you grounded. So put on your favorite soundscapes and work that body. Flow on the vibes and feel your feet connect to the ground. So put on your fav music and start to ground that body with some rebeliciously good fun. 

Walk barefeet & be in the outdoors

And last but not least one of our favorites: Walking bare feet. First thing we both do when we come home is take off shoes (and oke lets be really honest here… bras to) feel connected with the ground. Indoor and even better outdoor. Feel the sand, the grass just feel the connection with the earth. Feel the grass between your toes, the wind gently caressing your skin. And when you are lucky hearing the beauty of all sorts of birds and other small animals around you that we so often forget to pay attention to due to all the stress and business around us in our day to day life. Stress and business that we have accepted as necessary.

Just to simply stand still and connect to mother earth. Be in the present moment and feel all that is there is calm, peace and loving energy. That connection and that moment you are giving yourself, helps to relax the body, which in turn relaxes the mind. And when our mind is still, it will be the guidance of our hearth that is clear for us to hear. At that moment, when we are grounded in the present moment, we have access to our power. To our full potential. It is all within ourselves. We only have to find our way back. 

So have fun grounding fellow Rebels 🤍






  1. Helma Henkens

    Super in een woord beautiful

    • Simone Henkens

      dank je wel!
      en geniet van het aarden

      Jacqueline & Simone


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