How to use Oracle Cards

A very easy way to get in touch with your guides and to strengthen that contact is to work with oracle cards. These gorgeous little decks of wisdom have a one-on-one with your Higher Self and all his or her helpers. And you are so lucky because there are some beauties on the market. You name it and it is out there.

How to find your Oracle Cards

There we have a challenge… because how to find out which one is yours to work with? Follow your heart… feel your energy, follow the vibe of your touch. Is your soul popping the champagne when you read the words and the cards make it a party for your eyes? Take a moment, feel it, read, touch… ask yourself… it feels light? They resonate with you, take these babies home. You will receive your messages easy and flowy. 

You already have cards with you? Take time to feel if the magic is still there. You are evolving and growing through your life so it can be that you are now drawn to a new gorgeous deck. Give it a try and find it out. 

Get to know your Oracle Cards

So once you have an oracle deck that resonates with you. A deck that you want to use to receive guidance. Then what? Start with getting to know your card deck. Read the booklet, most of the time it gives you more of the vision and intention of the creator. It is valuable to know this intention, and gives you some background and context. 

Read! Alright, excellent job! Go ahead and admire your cards. Love them and they will love you. It is time for you to bond with each other. This is because you are gonna ask your Higher Self and your guides to pass on messages through the cards. This transmission takes place energetically. Energy that runs everywhere in and around you. So therefore you want the cards to resonate easily with your energy. The easiest way is to briefly touch all the cards. Basically just scan and swipe the deck. 

Activate your Card deck

If you want, you can now add an activating intention. We love this one of Kyle Gray.
A beautiful soul and teacher that creates powerful decks. His activation prayer was the inspiration for these words:


Dear universe, 

Thank you for activating the essence of these cards.
So they may become a tool for me to connect with the Universal wisdom. 

As above, so below; as within, so without. 

I set the intention that these cards become a powerful bridge between the realms. 

I am grateful for being able to connect with the Universal wisdom.

I am grateful for being able to connect and work with the light.

For the highest good of all.

Thank you in Love and Light. 

And so it is. 


If you want to give your cards an extra intention, you only have to do this once. And as with everything in life, do whatever makes you feel good!

Amazing! We found some magical cards that we feel good about. We read the intention of the creator of the deck and activated the cards with our own energy. Let the magic begin!

When you use the cards it will be important to set the intention to receive pure messages without interruption. For me, Simone, I always use these words while keeping the cards close to her heart.

Let the wisdom of the universe, 

flow through me and flow through these cards. 

Let the message of my guides be clear, one of light and understandable. 

Let there be no interruption of my own thinking and my ego. 

Thank you in Love and Light

But hey, these are my words, my intention. So feel free to do whatever you like. Copy them, tweak them and make it your own. All is fine Rebels! 

Card of the Day

The most simplistic way to start is with a card of the day. Just take the cards between your hands. Set the intention and ask a question. Then shuffle the cards and pull a card in the way that feels good for you. You can lay them out in front of you in a circle and take the cards that attract your attention by looking at them. You can feel with your hands until you feel a tingling in your fingers. You can open the deck at once and take the card that is on top. For me, I keep shuffling until one card sticks to my hand. If there is a card that jumps out the deck while shuffling the cards, this means the card holds an extra message for you. It wants to be seen. So take extra care on this message from your guides. 

Well now you have the message your guides want to give you. What do you notice first? Is it a word? A section of the image? Maybe a thought pops up in your mind. If you want more guidance (and in the beginning this is also a good way to get to know your cards and also to check your first intuition) you can read the text that is in the book. Write it into your journal with today’s date and the question you asked. In the beginning I liked to take a card of the day in the morning and in the evening when I went to update my journal I could reflect on the message given to me in the morning. 

Use a Card Spread

When you have become familiar with how to draw a day card, you can also do a larger spread for yourself. There are many different spreads out on the web. I always like to tune in with the rhythm of the moon. That gives you a nice insight for a short period of time. And is a nice fixed moment to consciously tune in with the energy of the moon. Your soul, your energetic essence flows with the energies around us. Those energies are influenced by the position of the moon, the planets and stars. To become aware of your soul, it is therefore MEGA important to become aware of what the different phases of the moon do to you. And attune yourself to that universal rhythm.

That’s it! Easy Peasy. Now you are all set to practice and explore on your own. Do not forget to keep your journal close. It is really super valuable to look back after a while.

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Have fun!



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