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Divine Guidance through the Hearts of the Great Sages. If this doesn’t make your heart beat a bit faster!  And my goddess, what beauty lies in the sufi wisdom. The guidance offered by the sufi sages has the spirit to empower and inspire you, for it comes from heavenly messengers, friends from the spirit realms and your own higher self. 

Be amazed by the sufi wisdom oracle and it’s mystical energy accompanied by amazing artwork of Rassouli himself. 

Experience the alchemical wisdom of history's most influential Sufi sages with this true work of devotion from esteemed artist, author and teacher, Rassouli. His glorious imagery, insightful commentary and direct translations from the Persian texts create a window into the rich and numinous world of Sufism. Discover your soul purpose, make empowering choices, trust your intuition, have more satisfying relationships and develop awareness, creativity, love and more.

Each of the 44 cards depicts the Sufi message that appeared on Rassouli's canvas as he surrendered to his higher consciousness. The 164-page guidebook introduces you to fifteen mystics whose messages are like friends from the higher realms and have the spirit to empower and inspire you.

More delicious info:

  • 44 full color cards
  • Guidebook counts 164 pages
  • Published : 13/11/2019
  • ISBN : 9781925538656
  • Imprint : Blue Angel Publishing
  • Size (mm): 125 x 17


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