Why a psychic medium reading

Struggling with an issue

Experiencing feelings that you don’t know where they come from

Constant thoughts about issues in your life

Don’t worry
Perfectly normal

We all have this.
And oh Boy … we do too from time to time.
Last time we checked we were 100% human.

But wouldn’t it be great when you find someone who can zoom out for you

see the bigger picture

Having an overview and helping you to choose direction.

The clarity a medium or a psychic can give you helps you clear your mind.
Calms it.
And inspires you to move forward.
Retake control and bring balance back into your life.

Our opinion is that a good medium or psychic is like a cheerleader on your life path.
That encourages you to deal with those issues on your career path, your relationship or whatsoever.
Inspires you by showing you what can be when you do so
in order for you to make the right decision for your life. 

All by yourself.
Because hey
let’s not forget
You are the superpower that creates the reality and the magic of your own life.
Not the person you consulted.

Now you probably wonder why a medium and a psychic can do this.
Read and foresee what is in your nearby future,
reveal your galactic history and channel through information from others that are not physically here?

Let’s just say that Everything is Energy. And a medium and a psychic know how to work with that. 

And there are many ways to work with energy. They can use telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, crystal orbs, tarot or oracle cards, tuning forks, singing bowls and many many more.
They just found their way to work with the energy to get the info that is important to know or even to bring you healing. 

In this blog we talk about mediums and psychics and that is not without reason.

They are different!

A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned the qualities of working with energy. They simply tune in on much higher frequencies which allows them to communicate with other life forms. That can be the spirit world, angels, extraterrestrials, spirit guides and even the divine to bring you the messages you need to hear.

Both are very valuable! 

Here at spiritual-rebels Simone is a medium with the superpower to telepathically communicate especially with other high vibing life forms. and YES then we talk about Angels and Aliens 😉
Jacqueline is a psychic specialized in working with the power of sound (tuning forks, singing bowls and the gong) and she has the ambition to deep dive in more and more and more great ancient wisdom. 

Can readings be done online?

The answer is YES YES YES
As mentioned before everything is energy and psychics and mediums just mastered their way to work with that.
And believe me (Simone) it is possible to tap into the right energy no matter where in the universe it is.
And when you are on planet earth it is easy peasy 😉

Curious about what we offer …
Take a look under the heading readings
and soon … you will also find some guided meditations in our shop

Ohw and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments

Love & Stardust


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